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Data Recovery Man located in Costa Mesa, California was formed by some recovery technicians who believe that Data Recovery should be affordable and available to all that need it. Losing valuable data is often stressful and frustrating enough so why add to that by making the Data Recovery process complicated and costly. The technicians at Data Recovery Man have simplified the recovery process by offering a honest non-confusing recovery experience with fixed pricing and just three levels of service. Why the actual process of recovering data correctly still requires plenty of skill and knowledge we don't over complicate the process with confusing language and complicated pricing structures.
Data Recovery, Done Right!™

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Data Recovery Man has been successfully recovering data for businesses and individuals for many years; our lead technician has over 10 yrs experience as a data recovery technician responsible for 1000's of recoveries including companies such as 20th Century Fox, The Mac Store, ACNT, Lacie, In-and-out Burger, Irvine PD, Toshiba, Gateway etc. Also as the previous technical manager for 5 years of an Irvine based recovery company (O.C. Data Recovery Inc.) he has plenty of experience for pretty much any type of recovery you can imagin. Come see now why many local computer companies and technicians are now using Data Recovery Man for their recovery needs. Check out our testimonial [link to testimonials.htm] page to see comments from just a few of our very satisfied customers. With success rates well over 90%, free evaluations and some of the cheapest prices available why not join them.
Data Recovery, Done Right!™


We perform data recovery services on all Apple and Windows formatted hard drives including Macbooks and laptops, iMacs, desktops, servers, external drives, NAS and RAID devices. Regardless of which manufacturer or model type we can recover data from it. Come see why many Genius's and Geeks's trust Data Recovery Man for their recovery needs.
Data Recovery, Done Right!™

Data Recovery, Done Right!TM

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