Data Recovery Levels Explained

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Recovery Levels Explained

Hard Drive Failure
Hard drives fail in 3 distinct ways however some recovery companies do not tell you this.
The following are the Levels that cover all components of Data Recovery:

Level 1: Logical Repair - Healthy drive but has logical (software) corruption.
Level 2: Non Invasive - Failed drive but not mechanically.
Level 3: Invasive - Failed drive mecahnical and needs a Clean Room recovery.

During the evaluation phase we will determine the level of service needed. Then once we recover all
your data you are charged the flat rate. We believe this is a more honest approach to Data recovery and
our customes agree too.

Please note Please note some level errors maybe cause by a more serious error. For example: Blue Screen (PC) or Un-mountable Volume (Mac) is often caused by severe block damage which would be a Level two recovery; that is a detailed recovery evaluation is needed before any attempt of data is performed to ensure the highest success rates available. Data Recovery, Done Right!™

The following represents typical examples of recovery levels. However the actual level of service required is always determined after a full evaluation of the media is performed by a Data Recovery Man technician.
Logical Repair
  • Virus / Spyware Infections
  • Blue Screen or Spin-Wheel
  • Unmountable Mac Volume
  • Human Errors (Delete, format)
  • Damaged MFT / FAT tables
  • Unidentified Drive Volume
  • Minor Bad Blocks
  • "Unrepairable" Mac Volume
  • Missing Boot Files
  • Exceeded SMART errors
  • Unreadable Data Blocks
  • Occasional Clicking
  • Slow Read Times / BSY
  • Unstable Read Times
  • Module Corruption / Bricked
  • UNC Block errors
  • LBA Mis-Match
  • Chip Burnout
  • Constant Clicking
  • Head Crash
  • Moisture / fluid Damage
  • Firmware (SA / ROM)
  • No Power / Not Spinning
  • Seized or Failed Spindle
  • HDA Failures
  • Voice Coil
  • Severe PCB damage
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